Ep8 – Social Proof and Testimonials

14 Jan

  • How to get the best testimonials and reviews from your clients and customers
  • The best ways to incentive your clients to get killer testimonials
  • Avoid getting “X is great…” with these methods
  • Which should I get? Video versus written testimonials
  • What two things make one testimonials better than another
  • The automatic email testimonials gathering method
  • Your quick start plan for collecting and using testimonials
  • And much more
Testimonials Image

An example from Tyler on how to graphically show great results from clients.

Here is an example of the automatic email Logan sends to buyer’s to get testimonials sent to him regularly that you can use:

Hey %$firstname$%,

You recently ordered the Advanced Bodyweight Training Course and I hope you’re finding everything in there useful and extremely beneficial to you.

Now, I’d like to ask a favor of you.

I’m in the process of collecting comments about the course from readers like yourself.

Would you take a moment to give me your opinion of this product by answering a few simple questions? Just hit REPLY and fill out the questionnaire below to send your comments right back to me.

I look forward to hearing what you like about it but I also welcome any suggestions or criticisms, too.

Thanks so much for your time.

Logan Christopher

* * *
Advanced Bodyweight Training Course Questionnaire
Just hit REPLY to answer this questionnaire or Email it to:

1. How did you get into bodyweight training in the first place?

2. What are the biggest obstacles you face in bodyweight exercises?

3. Please provide any comments, success stories, or results you’ve obtained from using the Advanced Bodyweight Training Course. (criticisms and suggestions are also welcome):

4. What is the one thing we could do to improve the information provided?

5. May I use your comments in our marketing? Yes or No

If you agree we will only use your name and city.
Please email this back to:

P.S. I hold a quarterly contest where I give away $100 for the best testimonial that I get from all the entries over that three month span. If you want this is a great chance to enter…

Click the link below to access the complete transcript.


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