Ep13 – Interview with Cabel

19 Feb

Welcome to the first interview with a guest expert on the Fitness Money Podcast. This episode features Cabel McElderry sharing some of his best tips to grow your fitness business.

  • The Importance of Mentorship
  • The one impactful book you MUST read, that is responsible for countless fortunes made in business
  • The fast start way to get your Personal Training business off the ground
  • How to leverage other business in your local area
  • Use this amazing tactic with Youtube videos!
  • Why Bootcamps are so much easier to fill than getting Personal Training clients
  • Forget SEO, use this sneaky tactic to get customers from other people with ease
  • The value of Systems instead of scrambling to get new clients
  • Easy methods of Rewarding your Clients to keep them with you
  • This tactic created a 6 Figure Personal Training business in 90 days. PURE GOLD!
  • And much more

Learn more from Cabel here.

Cabel McElderry Interview

Cabel McElderry with Jillian Michaels


Click the link below to access the complete transcript.


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