About Logan Christopher

Logan Christopher started his personal training business when he was 23. Under the false assumption that “if you build it they will come” he didn’t find clients flooding his doors. Instead he began to study marketing, especially online. After a year he released his first book online and since then has grown his online empire with tons of products, websites and many different partners on everything from hand balancing, kettlebells, feats of strength to mental training and more. You can check out his main site at Legendary Strength.

For more on Logan’s story be sure to listen to Podcast #1.

About Tyler Bramlett

Tyler Bramlett partnered with a gym to create his first bootcamp program which has since grown to four locations with hundreds of members.¬† His fat loss programs have helped people lose a combined total of over 1000 lbs. He’s also created a number of online programs which you can find at his site Garage Warrior.

You can listen to more about Tyler’s story of moving froma¬† construction worker to where he’s at now on Podcast #2.

About Fitness Money

We decided to create this website and podcast because we’ve been quite successful in different ways with our fitness businesses. But so many personal trainers out there barely scrape by, despite having great knowledge on how to train people. Unfortunately, the great marketer will make more than the great trainer every time. So why not learn marketing too so you can bring your great training information to help even more people?

This podcast is all about learning how to get your message out to more people and earn more money doing it. We cover tactics that work offline and online for both websites to sell products to working one on one with clients. As long as its part of the fitness business we’ll help you do it and make even more money.

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  1. Joshua Wilson May 27, 2013 at 1:04 pm #

    Thank you guys for your wisdom. I am a business of one in my field. My avatar is a 40 year old 15 pound overweight woman with two boys and a girl. She has been married for 13 years and her husband works alot but still has the ability to stay fit by hitting the gym before work. Two of her kids are in school but the youngest stays home with the stay at home mom. She takes care of cleaning, laundry, cooking, the baby, then desires to love her husband and give him attention but she is tired. She is involved in her church and leads a small women’s group for bible study. She, like 80% of the women in the group, are meeting and eating donuts and cakes and constantly feel guilty about buying bigger dresses and jeans. Then she was introduced to me, Josh.

    My name is Josh Wilson. I am just about to launch Faith Push dot com. I just finished my NASM certs a week ago and I came across your podcast. I am on the 7th episode and eating it ip every day for breakfast. I want to grow Faith Push to help church people get into smaller jeans! The site is under construction but I was wondering if you all would take a look at it if I can grant you access?

    Big Fan


    • admin May 27, 2013 at 6:57 pm #

      Glad to be of help to you. Send us access and we’ll take a look.

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